With the addition of complex technologies and expansion of businesses onto the geographical operations network efficiency & availability plays a dominant position. We know the need of organizations and focus on creating solutions that are robust, come with high-speed connectivity

Sumat International help its clients in maximizing the value of existing network structure by identifying risks and opportunities, studying network approaches and recommend network services to optimize their network. Further, our proactive monitoring and capacity planning methodologies help our clients further decrease the operational costs while increasing the productivity.



Data Cabling

Data and telecommunications are one of the most expensive assets of an organization and is extremely important for firms to run efficiently and lucratively. Its’ availability, security and redundancy depend on the structure and effectiveness of the company that provide cabling and wiring solution (infrastructure). We design and deploy a cabling structure that is built to grow along with your needs and sustains additions, changes and future moves.

Our cabling solutions support high performance systems with their respective technologies. Our team stay updated with latest technology hence offers the highest standard connectivity between components to meet and exceed your expectations. Our consultants will research, design, install and configure the perfect solution for your companies’ requirements.

Sumat Offers with following services:

  • Test and repair faulty cabling, phone, and data sockets (phone jacks, phone points)

  • Network Cabling (installation of new or repair to existing)

  • Phone and data cables to patch panel, phone system and socket

  • Structured Cabling (Cat 5 and Cat 6 and Cat 7)

  • Expand existing phone and data cabling infrastructure

  • Install phone, data, EFTPOS, modem, ADSL, security and network points (sockets, jacks)

Fiber Optics Cabling

Fiber Optics is more commonly used for the transfer of data where the links are longer than 200 meters. Many firms in Kuwait are now moving to Fiber optics as they are more significant than other traditional methods. It’s ability to transfer larger amounts of data and it carries information faster to longer distance makes it in the end users wish list. Fiber optics also has less interference over copper wire in long distance and high demand applications.

Sumat Offers with following services:

  • Fiber Optic Cabling (Single-mode and Multi-mode Fibers)

  • Fiber Terminations

  • OTDR Testing

  • Fusion Splicing



Structured Cabling

CCTV cameras and other surveillance have become more reliable and inexpensive. Sumat offers security cabling solutions which are scalable from one camera up and additional cameras can be added to the system quickly and easily at any time.

Sumat Offers with following services:

  • Connect IP Camera to business units, warehouses, factories, parking areas and more, where ever you require monitoring

  • Repair existing IP Camera points

  • Relocate existing IP Camera sockets

We also supply and install leading components for cable management such as:

  • Patch Cord Minders

  • Fan Units

  • Lead Management

  • Trench, Floor Duct and Cable Tray

  • Swing Frame or Mounted Cabinets

  • Shelves & Racks

  • Power Rails

  • Fiber Runners