Al Hayat Institute was incorporated in 2015 in the state of Kuwait. Our training center is located in Abu Halifa , and its considered unique due to the type of course _ seminars given by Professional trainers.


We believe that the rich learning experiences our programs offer can effect powerful and positive transformation in individuals, in their communities, and in their institutions.


Al Hayat offers six types of programming professional: Soft Skills, Safety & Security, Aviation, Crew, Hospitality, Languages

Customized Courses Programming

We tailor each program's content to its respective participant profiles, its thematic concentration, and its tasks depend on our clients’ needs.

Program Components and Methodology

We design and implement bilingual programs (Arabic And English) doing this in an atmosphere of mutual respect, organized collaboration, and easy way to guide participants in reflecting on their experiences and developing feasible and meaningful to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills to their own place of work.

Target Audience

Professional Programs provide in-service programming for: Organization, Banks, Holding Companies , Ministries ,Embassies, Hotels, Restaurants, Companies ,Industries ,Aviator industries ,Airlines and Individuals.


For professional programs we hire local, national, and international consultants we also did general agreed with leading international training authorize institutes and colleges to deliver unique and specialized courses to our client addressing the professional and updated theme in all fields.